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A program of recovery for men

Doc’s Place is a long-term structured sober living program for men recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

12-Step Philosophy

Our residents attend daily 12-step meetings and learn how to apply the principles in their daily lives.


Our alumni call the Golden Isles home and are actively involved in Doc’s Place on a daily basis.


Residents are involved in local community and work full-time jobs to pay their way through our program following entry.

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Our Program

Doc’s Place offers a secure and structured sober living environment tailored for men navigating the path to recovery from drug and alcohol dependency. Within our program, residents are presented with daily opportunities to address their psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being through structured activities that have demonstrated success in supporting men through recovery journeys.

Established in 2007, Doc’s Place has earned a respected reputation within the recovery community. Our program is deeply ingrained in the local community, offering a holistic approach to recovery that extends beyond mere sobriety. It's a blueprint for change, fostering happiness, joy, and freedom for those who embrace its principles.

At Doc’s Place, residents are surrounded in a supportive network that includes accomplished alumni who have found new lives through the program. Community plays a pivotal role in our program, providing an environment where individuals can thrive on their journey to recovery.

The Program Consists Of:

  • Group counseling facilitated by a fully licensed clinician

  • Individual assessment & therapy

  • Family therapy

  • 24/7 on-site staff

  • Structured activities & group learning opportunities dictated by residents

  • Weekly & on-the-spot drug testing

Rules & Guidelines

Residents at Doc’s Place actively participate in a 12-Step program, adhere to the program's rules and guidelines, and benefit from round-the-clock accountability provided by our dedicated staff, alumni, and senior residents. We offer a working program where residents are expected to pay their own way by securing full-time employment within the local community.

For over 17 years, Doc’s Place has been a source of long-term structured support for individuals struggling with alcoholism and substance addiction. Our alumni play an integral role in the ongoing success of Doc’s Place and participate through sponsorship, mentoring, and attendance to group events and activities.

Recognizing that each resident is a unique individual with distinct needs, our staff conducts bi-weekly reviews to assess and address those needs. We operate as a cohesive team, ensuring that residents receive personalized support on a daily basis, paving the way for them to achieve lasting sobriety and success beyond their time at Doc’s Place.

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Accommodations & Living

Our residences are crafted to provide residents with a sense of comfort and belonging within a vibrant community. Our primary location boasts over 6,200 square feet, featuring five spacious suites. Each suite is equipped with a full kitchen, two to three bedrooms, and at least one full bath.

Residents enjoy a variety of communal spaces, including game rooms, a serene wrap-around porch shaded by live oak trees, fenced private yards, dedicated exercise areas, and cozy living rooms furnished with comfortable seating and entertainment systems. Additional amenities across our properties include Wi-Fi access, Ping-Pong and pool tables, access to expansive outdoor parks just steps away, and an outdoor BBQ patio.

Located near the beach and conveniently situated within walking distance of several waterfronts and downtown areas, Doc’s Place offers residents easy access to a host of recreational activities. From kayaking and fishing to surfing and golf, our residents have access to a wide array of outdoor equipment to enjoy their leisure time.

To ensure a supportive and compliant living environment, resident staff members are present at each facility, overseeing adherence to Doc’s Place policies and procedures. Chores and household responsibilities are shared among residents, fostering a sense of communal living.

At Doc’s Place, residents have the autonomy to make weekly food choices tailored to their preferences, collaborating on shopping lists to meet their individual needs. Our goal is to create an environment where residents can thrive on their journey to recovery.

I have been watching this program for 10 years and have witnessed inconceivable outcomes in the lives of many men. This is not a hotel or a place to camp out for probation. This is a place that opens the world, with just little bit of willingness.

- Steve F, Docs Place Alumni

Recovery. Support. Home.