Our Story.

A group of men posing for a picture on a stairset.

Doc’s Place starts with a humble beginning; one alcoholic trying to help another. In 2007 Palmer Fortune took an alcoholic, who would be our first resident, into his home to help him sober up. Seeing a need for a solid long-term recovery program for men struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, Doc’s Place was born. With little means, faith, and lots of help from Palmer’s sponsor Doc, the program was a success.

Doc’s Place has grown rapidly over the past few years from one house with a few guys to three homes with close to thirty men. We have relied on the amazing support of the local community and the success of our own residents for referrals, which has kept us busy.

The men in Doc’s Place and the recovery community in the Golden Isles are what have made us successful. We have been blessed by the involvement of countless men in the community and our own alumni. Many residents have stayed in the area and are active in our program through sponsorship and mentoring. Most of the men in the recovery community have consistently reached out to our residents and helped them become contributing members of society.

Doc’s Place has maintained a great reputation in the local workforce, service community, and our own neighborhood solely because of our residents. The men in our program are constantly sought out by local businesses for employment and to help in the Golden Isles.

Docs place adopt a highway

Our residents attend daily 12- step meetings, are actively involved with their sponsors, and learn how to apply new principles to their lives. We do encourage our residents to learn how to have fun sober and residents get to participate in daily activities with the group. Doc’s Place is located down the road from multiple waterfronts, beaches, parks, and outdoor areas. The men go to the beach, play sports, go fishing, work out, attend community and recovery events, and anything fun that their safety and recovery permit.

Although our program requires at least one year to complete, most of our residents stay longer on their own volition and often make a life for themselves here in the area. This is a design for living and for those of us privileged enough to surrender and buy in, it is a way of life that brings us happiness, joy, and freedom.

Three men playing guitar sitting on a porch.

For residents that stay for at least the one-year requirement for completion, 60% maintained long term recovery. For those who stay between 16 and 18 months, over 80% maintained long term recovery. Our statistics include every single man that has come through whether for a few days or until completion and we don’t assume the continued sobriety of former residents we have lost touch with. The positive statistics reflect residents we know to be sober and still involved in recovery.

Doc’s Place is now operated by an alumnus of the program, Nate Faulkenberry. He carries on the tradition of Doc’s Place success in recovery, community, and commitment to values.

Nate Faulkenberry on a hike.

Nate Faulkenberry - Owner & Operator

Nate was born in Kennesaw, Ga to a loving and supportive family. Early in his life, despite being provided every opportunity he could have possibly wanted, Nate’s alcoholism and drug addiction took hold. He quickly gave nearly everything he had in his life away to his alcoholism and there did not seem to be an end to his nightmare. Having enrolled in countless treatment centers with nothing to show for it, him and his family lost all hope. Truly out of options and on the verge of death, a moment of clarity hit. Nate knew he did not stand a chance at sobriety or any resemblance of a meaningful life without long term treatment.

He needed structure and accountability. Nate Faulkenberry enrolled in Doc’s Place in 2015 and his life started to change. From a hopeless alcoholic drug addict to a life with meaning and fulfillment. He stayed active in the program through sponsorship, mentorship, and community involvement. When the opportunity to become the Owner & Operator of Doc’s Place presented itself, he knew he had to accept.

Matt Youngblood

Matt Youngblood - Director of Operations

Much like the story we hear so often, Matt was born to a great family and showed a lot of potential to do great things in his early years. As he grew older, he found alcohol and drugs “completed” him, gave him courage, and free from being uncomfortable. Matt chased that feeling for years. He found himself alone and cut off from the world. Desperate, his mother, a long-time friend of Bill “Doc” Disque, agreed to enroll Matt into the Bridges of Hope. She had little hope, but knew he was safe there.

Surprisingly, the fog started to clear, and Matt started to make changes. He was asked to take on a leadership role at the Bridges of Hope and served in the office. When it came time to leave, he knew he needed something a little more. He entered Doc’s Place and started his journey to long term recovery. Since transitioning out of the program Matt Youngblood has become a huge influence on the residents to come through the program after him. Given his experience in the program and serving the recovery community, Matt is a huge asset.

Original Founder Bill "Doc" Disque

Bill "Doc" Disque - The founder of Doc's Place

Enough cannot be said about this man. He is truly a once in a lifetime kind of guy. Doc struggled to stay sober. He detoxed and completed multiple treatments, but it took the brink of death for anything to stick. After his last “relapse” he dove headfirst in the 12-step program and never left. You could count on Doc to tell you the truth. You could count on Doc to be at a meeting. You could count on Doc to be helping the new guys. He was the embodiment of love and tolerance. There is no telling how many lives were touched by this man, inside and outside of the rooms. Rest in peace.

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